пʼятниця, 30 жовтня 2020 р.

Провідники скаутських таборів на Вовчій Тропі

Наталка Фірко  розповіла про комендантів скаутських таборів Пласту
 у З'єднаних Державах Америки, які працювали влітку 2014 р. на оселі Вовча Тропа, Іст Чейтхейм, ст. Нью - Йорк . 

четвер, 20 серпня 2020 р.

The project WAGGGS Peacekeepers has begun

 To mark the 30th anniversary of the Pax Lodge - world center Guideing and Scouting in London , today  with  the help Friendsnet Agnes Baden Powell, began the project  WAGGGS Peacekeepers, which will last for 
2020 - 2021 . 

середа, 19 серпня 2020 р.

Gift for the 25th anniversary of the Association Ukrainian Guides

 The celebration 🎂🎉 of the 110th anniversary of the Guides and Girl Scouts Movement and 25th anniversary of the founded Association Ukrainian  Guides (AUG) go on during  
2020 - 2022 . A very good gift this year was the acceptance of AUG as a full member of WAGGGS. At 10 minutes 55 seconds of his video, speak Ukrainian Guides Dariya Yarmola 😉 . Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Organization from Georgia and Suriname have also become full members of WAGGGS, new members congratulations with  Mozambique, Montenegro.  Thanks for the wonderful work of public relations team ❗👏👍


неділя, 16 серпня 2020 р.

Celebrate 33 years Girl Scouts of the USA

 To the 110th anniversary of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Movement, searched in our archive article for a 1945 years  about the Girl Scouts of the US . Unfortunately, I do not know in which magazine or newspaper it was published. 

пʼятниця, 14 серпня 2020 р.

160th birthday of the scoutmaster

 Today born Ernest Thompson Seton , Black Wolf - writeer, painter, public activist , co - founder Scouts Movement (1910) , Woodcraft Randgers (1922) in USA,  Chief Scout Boy Scouts of America . 1910 wrote with Robert Baden Powell Handbook : Boy Scout America . Author : The Woodcraft Manual forGirls (1916), The Woodcraft Manual for Boys, The Eightenth Birch Barack Roll  (1918), The Brownie Wigwam : The Rules of the Brownies  (1921), Manual of the Brownies 6th edition  (1922) . 


середа, 12 серпня 2020 р.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Movement is 110 years !

 This year celebrity 
💥110th💥 anniversary  of 
the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Movement, founded 
by women together girls which dreamed of becoming 
ancient amazonky to protect social, economic, political human rights in London - 
 capital of the Kingdom 
Great Britain (April 1910)
 and town Lviv  - the
 capital of Kingdom of Galychyna & Wolodymyriya, Austro-Hungarian Empire
 ( now Ukraine ) , later - in other cities and  countries .
First Presiden Association Guides Great Britain  is Agnesa Baden Powell (May, 1910 - 1918).
1920 , hundred years ago : 
1) was First World 
Conference Girl Guides. Princess Mary , the second President of the British Girl Guides Association (1918 -1965) was also there. Please watch the three - minute video about this significant event, explore our history . 
2)  The fomed first group girls Brownies in Canada .
1930 ninety yaers ago :
1) Chief  Guiades Great
 Britain Olave Baden Powell  (with 1918) elected Chief Guide World .
2) Approved Gaudes Flag.
 The design crafted by Karl Aas of Norway. 
1910, 110th years ago in
 Lviv creators of the Ukrainian Movement of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts then were Olena Stepaniv, Olga Levytska, Anna Galechko, Anna Dmytrenko, Milena Rudnytska, Yevstahiya Galushchynska with famile Wolansky, Wolodymyra Wolanska , later they were joined by Olga Mryts,Mariya Wolanska, Mariya Navrotska, Tsopa Wolanska, Lidia Burachynska, Mariya Bek
 (Mary Beck), Wytwtska, Daria Dublianytsia, her sistrs Lidia  Kluifas,  Myroslava Krupa, Irena Yarosevych  (Anders ) and also Polish - Olga Drahonowska , which was held our relatives earls Wolansky, Dziedushytsky and Wladyslaw Leon Sapieha - great - grandfather of the current Her Majesty
the Queen of Belgium Matilde. 
1860, 160th years ago ,
born Juliette Gordon Low -
co - founder Girl Guides Movement in Great Britain and Girl Scouts Movement 
of USA, Chief Girl Scout 
America . More read about timeline timeline Girl Scout .
1990, thirty years ago : 
1) WAGGGS approved
 the current  symbol organization. 
2) August, 1,  Baden Powell family opened  world center WAGGGS Pax Lodge in London, UK, the official presentation which was March 15, 1991 .
2010, then years ago, was 
opened fifth world center WAGGGS Kusafiri, Ghana.